Marianne Austvik

Company name:
Previously Pineleaf Studio, now Digit, a Scopely studio

Your role in the company?
My role in Pineleaf was COO, Audio Director and Producer.

Could you tell us about your day to day life and responsibilities at your company?
My day to day at Pineleaf was very varied and interesting. I would work on planning and production, helping run the company, contacting and communicating with investors and publishers, maintaining relations with the publisher, creating and implementing sounds, music and voices and a lot more! The variety between creative outlets, leadership and production work was really wonderful.

What was your role in the game project?
My role in the project itself was pretty varied. For a long time I was the sole sound designer (I got a great intern when we drew nearer to the release), I was the composer and basically the complete audio department, handling ads and auditions and casting of voice actors, as well as cutting, implementing, mixing and mastering the audio. I was Producer and planned out sprints and coordinated with the team leads, as well as random stuff that needed to be done. Whether it be making porridge or waffles, or helping fix a particularly stubborn bug.

What was your favourite part of the process?
I think my favorite part of the process was all of the people I got to work and grow together with. I found Pineleaf to be a great company with a lot of inspiring people and I grew a lot as a person and in my work while there.

What was your motivation behind seeking a career in the games industry?
When I grew up, I really didn’t think that a career in Games was possible. It didn’t at all cross my mind. But as I grew older and the industry grew bigger, it became a more and more tempting endeavour. When a friend of mine teamed up with some game developers in a start-up, I followed their story for a while, and when I heard they might get an opening for a sound designer/composer I called them and asked for an interview, and that is where I got my start!

What advice would you give to people who consider joining the games industry?
For anyone looking to get into the games industry I would say go for it! I would say that it really does help to try to get an education in a field similar to what you want to work with. Whether that is Programming, Music, Business, Art, Marketing or UX. I know a lot of educations out there did not necessarily cater to the games industry (before at least), so I would promote joining game jams, making games in your spare time, or make sounds and new compositions for existing games or game videos, paint or draw new creatures, backgrounds etc etc. It might take a lot of work, but if you persevere and don’t give up you will certainly get closer to achieving your goals than by hoping something good will happen.

Twitter: @mariannenathali

Pineleaf Studio is nominated to Spillprisen 2021 for their game “Dwarheim”.