Linn Sovig

Company name:
Pineleaf Studio

Your role in the company?
Former CMO and Business Developer. Now CEO.

Could you tell us about your day to day life and responsibilities at your company?
Doing my best to find financial possibilities for the studio. Talking to investors and more on finding solutions to keep the company afloat. But unfortunately we’ve had to take the company into administration and my priority is mostly to ensure that all employees find good alternatives and that we close the company as responsibly and neatly as possible.

What was your role in the game project?
Marketing assets. Picking up marketing that the publisher didn’t know of. Pitching for more investment and thinking of new ways to make DwarfHeim a game that has a long shelf life. 

What was your favourite part of the process?
Playing the game. I loved learning about new funds, new investors and thinking of new strategies for making the game studio sustainable.

What was your motivation behind seeking a career in the games industry?
Video Games excite me. There’s something so magical about being at the intersection of both new technology and magnificent art that makes this the most exciting medium or communication format.

I also love how the landscape is constantly changing. You really need to pay attention to see where the money is at, where the players are at and where the industry is at. Working with games requires you to stay in tune with so many things.

What advice would you give to people who consider joining the games industry?
Remember to have a good time and play games! Working with games is hard, make sure that you enjoy the ride! 

Twitter: @lisov

Pineleaf Studio is nominated to Spillprisen 2021 for their game “Dwarfheim”.