Laura Gonzalez Fernandez

Company name:
Worked at Pineleaf Studio.

Your role in the company?
My official title was Game Developer, and I worked as a senior developer in the programming department.

Could you tell us about your day to day life and responsibilities at your company?
My day usually started with a good cup of coffee and a daily meeting with everyone at the company where we quickly told what we all were working on. Then we each took to our own tasks and spent the day developing new features or finding and fixing bugs in the game. Often there was some kind of testing of the game going on and then we had to coordinate and find common time were people could join together and play some matches.

What was your role in the game project?
My main job was programming the User Interface of the game, which involved a lot of communication with the art department and going back and forth to realize their designs. I was also often in charge of managing builds, which included making sure that the work of everyone in the programming department was put together and ready to be released, so it could be sent on to QA and tested thoroughly. I also worked often on networking and on some gameplay mechanics from time to time.

What was your favourite part of the process?
I really enjoyed bringing to life the designs of the art team and making something that was fun to play out of them. Myself, I also really enjoyed discovering strange bugs and glitches in the game and investigating the code to fix them, even though it could be really frustrating at times, it is a very good sense of accomplishment that you get when you fix something that is broken.

What was your motivation behind seeking a career in the games industry?
For me, being a part of the games industry happened a little bit by accident. I had never considered it before and kind of happened just because a friend shared a job posting from what would become my company that made me think it could be a fun side activity to do while I finished my studies. It was only after I started that I discovered that this was really something I would enjoy doing for a very long time and that it could become part of my life.

What advice would you give to people who consider joining the games industry?
Go and meet people. I have found that game developers are in a very high percentage incredibly nice people that love to talk about what they do. It is easy to meet them at conventions and various events and have enjoyable conversations about their work and the passion that they put into the game. It will give a good insight into how it is to be a game dev.

Pineleaf Studio was nominated to Spillprisen 2021 for their game “Dwarheim” and won the award for Best tech!